Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Does It Means The Pinky Finger In England What Does Raising The Pinky Finger Mean?

What does raising the pinky finger mean? - what does it means the pinky finger in england

My friend was taking a picture and put his little finger. What does this mean? She comes from England.


Halo said...

This question is the same ..

When women kiss men Why do you raise your leg?

And if boys and girls drinking glasses generally tend to move a finger, so .. ?

SazzaGee said...


English sweet end ring

Seriously, how can you as offensive? I'm with you in disgust. Arent you a picturesque landscape of madmen.

What to do with the fact that it is by the way in English to be done, ie:)

matthu said...

It is an expression of affection meaning bye bye little "love"
very sweet and tender in English :-))

Einstein was a LIBERAL. said...

This does not mean I know sprecific.

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